Monday, September 5, 2011

What Fuels Great Work

Multiplying negatives makes a positive.
We live in Haiti, and yes, living in Haiti is much of a roller-coaster, but then again, show us a country where residents live in a straight and calm stream down a steady gondola, and we'll pay you. ;)

At PubliGestion, we like to think that our art is consistently creative and insightful, from the mega marketing campaign to the simple, yet out of this world, flyer.  Wondering how we keep our zen while living in a country with lots of instability? 

Rather than basking in negativity, and of seeing everything in a critical eye, focus on the positive and help your team members do the same.

It's safe to say that most of us at the agency live a day-to-day life where we don't let anger move in, but rather generosity and friendship reside in our space, and that combination is what fuels great work.

Woahhhh there, we're not preaching that you become a guru of light and sounds, but a positive needle in the haystack. Remember, a smile confuses an approaching frown.

We are passionate about our work, and we like to believe that we're innovators. So, we'll leave you with this:

1- Hard work
2- Persistence
3- Long hours in the trenches
4- Remember to breathe
5- Never stop learning
6- Get back up after you've failed,
     and most importantly...
7- work in something you love!

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