Monday, September 26, 2011

Gout et Saveurs Lakay

This week, we thought we'd pay homage to a great initiative. Do you like good food? Do you like to savor a good drink? 

Gout et Saveurs Lakay is the first food and spirits festival in Haiti that was kicked-off this Friday, and that will last all week. The team behind it (Le Nouvelliste and ACH) wants to promote and bring value to the Haitian culinary arts, and to make people aware of what it means to consume local products. 

elow are some images from Friday’s spectacularly yummy evening at the Ritz Kinam in Pétion-Ville. People laughed, palettes rejoiced, ears basked in beautiful rhythms and the crowd enjoyed some good vibrations. Rhum Barbancourt, Café Rebo and Prestige Beer were on deck…to name a few… 

If you are a foodie, we suggest you check out the restaurants this week that will have special menus in honor of the Haitian culinary arts. Trust us, your taste-buds will thank you. Cheers!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Le jeu de mots et la pub

En général, le jeu de mots s'appuie pour un effet maximal sur le jonglage de différents mots et imageries y relatives, qu’il soit phonologique, graphologique, morphologiques, lexical, syntaxique ou textuel.
Un jeu de mots en pub est efficace si et seulement si :
-      Il est bien ciblé « culturellement »
-      Il renforce l’idée principale
-      Il est compris de la majorité.

Bien conçu, un jeu de mot peut même se permettre d’être un peu bête si il est assez amusant. Dans ce sens, on pourrait imaginer un slogan pour une compagnie d’Assurance qui « protège les bijoux de famille !». lol

Où un « Je pense donc j’essuie » pour une lingette jetable,
Ou enfin « Eau qu’elle est belle ! » pour une eau bien emballé…

Les possibilités sont infinies…Mais il faut toujours rester loin des jeux de mots gratuits en trouvant le mélange juste et en se souciant surtout de l’interprétation.

Récemment, nous avons utilisé le slogan "Kou Manman" pour une campagne de fête des mères. Un mot qui isolé et mis en dehors de son contexte gêne certainement les prudes. Dans une pub de fête des mères par contre, là c’est tout autre chose !

Et d’ailleurs  si vous voulez savoir exactement ce que nous sommes en somme ici à PubliGestion je vous répondrai qu’en fait, nous sommes tous…enfin presque tous…. des obsédés textuels. Haha. :-)

"Kou Manman !!! de MSC Trading"
Publiée dans le journal "Le Nouvelliste" pendant la saison de Fête des mères 2010. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

PubliGestion's Logo and Mondrian

Designers are sometimes the unsung heroes who make the most meaningless things come true to life. They are those talented folks who help translate the visions of marketing and the objectives of the client. With their methods, laws and creative fervor, they create masterpieces with timeless value. We think our logo is a masterpiece. Frankly, because it is. No, we're not being cocky. Keep reading... :)

Have you ever noticed, for example that our logo is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s “Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow, 1930” painting? This is not by sheer coincidence.
 Piet Mondrian’s "Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow"
Our name “PubliGestion” when dissected, it goes like this:“Publi” the first half of our name simply means “many” or “multi”, but when you start analyzing it in its Latin roots, it means people, concerning people or belonging to the people. Now, “Gestion” is the French for “Management.” So, in short “PubliGestion” means combining efforts to manage, influence, inspire or produce.
PubliGestion's logo
Back to Mondrian: if you look for the meaning behind his paintings, the most common is that there is a balance between all elements within his geometric pieces thanks to his use of white space and his stroke techniques generating a greater sense of depth in the white forms. Most importantly, it’s Mondrian’s relentless pursuit of new dynamism within a set of shapes and structures that really inspired us.

Now, if you're wondering about why we chose blue and orange, well that's gonna have to wait for another blog entry when we talk about color therapy. ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

What Fuels Great Work

Multiplying negatives makes a positive.
We live in Haiti, and yes, living in Haiti is much of a roller-coaster, but then again, show us a country where residents live in a straight and calm stream down a steady gondola, and we'll pay you. ;)

At PubliGestion, we like to think that our art is consistently creative and insightful, from the mega marketing campaign to the simple, yet out of this world, flyer.  Wondering how we keep our zen while living in a country with lots of instability? 

Rather than basking in negativity, and of seeing everything in a critical eye, focus on the positive and help your team members do the same.

It's safe to say that most of us at the agency live a day-to-day life where we don't let anger move in, but rather generosity and friendship reside in our space, and that combination is what fuels great work.

Woahhhh there, we're not preaching that you become a guru of light and sounds, but a positive needle in the haystack. Remember, a smile confuses an approaching frown.

We are passionate about our work, and we like to believe that we're innovators. So, we'll leave you with this:

1- Hard work
2- Persistence
3- Long hours in the trenches
4- Remember to breathe
5- Never stop learning
6- Get back up after you've failed,
     and most importantly...
7- work in something you love!