Monday, September 27, 2010

Advertising Agency Seeking Social Media Geek

In a social media universe that has exploded in a massive convergence of community expression, we specialize in corporate-consumer intimacy…building local brands in a Global Haiti context. We have fun doing it, and we are seeking talented (and reliable) people to join the team.

Do you tweet and use Facebook Do you get chills when building a social community? Do you value and take pride in customer service? Do you understand the difference between a blog and a social network? Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you a fast reader? Are you addicted to the conversation?

We’re looking for a highly motivated individual with a “fanatical” passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation leadership. We are not asking you to be super woman or super man (huh, only rarely) but you need to understand the social media universe including the right tools, addresses and appropriate canals.

The successful candidate will not only join the creative and marketing teams, but will also get invited to bake cookies with us ;)

If you apply, and if you get an interview, at the interview, we’ll divulge your essential duties and responsibilities. Oh, and yes, it is a salaried position with some quirky benefits. How does that sound? Geek ;)

Please send your resume to letstalk [at] publigestion [dot] com

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ever wondered how creatives maintain their hakuna matata in a calling that was ranked as one of the most stressful jobs in the world? Simple answer, love—it’s the thing that makes the difference between a job and a calling. Though we’re not Cannes divas or love doctors, here are four simple tips on how you could fall in love with your work all over again.

1. Never like, always love. Like is a diluted form of love. Romeo and Juliet didn’t die for like and artists never did art for like’s sake; they all did it for love! Whatever you do put your energy into it. Always think that whatever you design, you design for someone special. Just remember those kindergarten days when you tried to draw something nice with a crayon for your cute teacher.

2. Workplace less ideal? The simple fix is to find something or someone that makes you smile and distracts you from the stress crawling all over your desk. If you could find that, cling on to it, make it surround you. So every time you go to work, you could open your day with a big smile and the warmest “BONJOUR !” in the world.

3. Eat dark chocolate. This may not be for everyone, but eating chocolate increases your endorphin levels—these are the chemicals you get after a romantic date. The more endorphins you have, the less headache you’re going to have, the more in love you’re going to feel and the more creative you’re going to be.

4. Finally, if all else fails… go home and spend some time with your special someone. At the end of the day, what makes us perform well as creatives is our life outside work, the people and things that are close to our heart. People who see more, know more and if you know more, you’re probably more likely to nail that design before that 8 AM deadline.

So there you have it, simple techniques that everyone could apply. If you have your own technique, leave us a comment below and share the love!

Remember, love makes the world go 'round.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haiti: Facing the Book

You know how radio is dead in the US? In our backyard, radio is number one. Not to be too cliché, but radio is the sheriff in town. Closely followed by TV, and newspapers… its deputies.

Before the 7.0 you-know-what, a successful campaign must have included those mediums + billboards. Then, a shift happened, and we entered into the 21st century (woohoo!) We finally understood the power of Twitter, and of Facebook. Social Media in Haiti was born. Now, we have clients asking us about its ROI. We’re ready for this “new” interactive media.

An advertiser's job in Haiti is not as easy as it may seem to you rocket scientists out there. Granted, #SocialMedia is making our jobs easier day in and day out…in certain ways. Even though roughly 50% of the population is illiterate, there is still an interesting percentage of our population on social networking websites – without factoring in our large Diaspora, which is scattered throughout the world.

Get ready to see Voilà on your newsfeed, and to interact with Prestige Beer. Get ready to get a friend request from your mom. Get ready for your @TwitterName to become your email address.

Haiti, welcome to the world of Facebook ads, and Twitter #hashtags.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Different Cup

5:15 am. Monday September 13th 2010. The bell on my Voilà Blackberry rings, and just like Pavlov’s dog would start to drool at the sound of the bell (Google it if you don’t have a clue what this refers too ;) …I energetically drag myself to the kitchen to get my daily dose of coffee. One-track mind: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Hmmmm. Greatest addiction one could have. I can almost taste it!

Yeah…we all have these morning habits to help us kick off the day. Mine is that special moment where I pretend to be half barista, half alchemist, and while the perfect cup of double shot espresso of Haiti’s best coffee, Selecto® Grand Crue boils, I stretch. Talk to the dog. Think of the next big campaign.

But this morning, something different happened… woke up, and before I could think of that doppio (Is that a Starbuck’s proprietary name btw?) this voice in my head kept on saying…

”Make sure you visit at least one (1) new and different point of view today”

“A new point-of-view also brings a new vantage point.”

“Plan the week and remember to factor in the small details.”

“The external environment first shapes itself from within.”

“Joy is simply making today’s experience greater than yesterday’s.”

Huh? Who’s talking? How did that happen?

Oh yeah, right… that’s what happens when you sleep to Self Improvement audio books. You wake up half barista slash alchemist and half a Stephen Covey wannabe.

Thought I’d share.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Social Media Experts

If we were given a brick every time we mentioned "Social Media" at the agency, by now we would probably have enough to rebuild the Haitian Presidential Palace... But truly, PubliGestion is riding the wave smoothly while amassing more and more knowledge every-single-day. However, we realize how big of an ocean SM can be! Who can say they don't feel like that when it comes to laying out and predicting SM's future?
I had a nightmare once where Twitter hashtags were my nemesis, and a dream where I found Heaven while using Facebook Places and Foursquare.
Oh well, every day on Twitter, we post other people’s articles. Sharing the knowledge. Sharing the love. Now it's time we (PubliGestion) start making love (did I just say that?) I meant that starting this week, every Monday, we are going to tweet our own blog entry. An entry on whatever we feel like discussing on that Monday. It could be about social media, graphic design, our clients, Haiti, and it could even be about you, yes you – the person taking the time to read our shenanigans.
You will get to know the department, and we’re warning you, we are intellectual dorks.
See you next Monday! =)