Monday, September 20, 2010


Ever wondered how creatives maintain their hakuna matata in a calling that was ranked as one of the most stressful jobs in the world? Simple answer, love—it’s the thing that makes the difference between a job and a calling. Though we’re not Cannes divas or love doctors, here are four simple tips on how you could fall in love with your work all over again.

1. Never like, always love. Like is a diluted form of love. Romeo and Juliet didn’t die for like and artists never did art for like’s sake; they all did it for love! Whatever you do put your energy into it. Always think that whatever you design, you design for someone special. Just remember those kindergarten days when you tried to draw something nice with a crayon for your cute teacher.

2. Workplace less ideal? The simple fix is to find something or someone that makes you smile and distracts you from the stress crawling all over your desk. If you could find that, cling on to it, make it surround you. So every time you go to work, you could open your day with a big smile and the warmest “BONJOUR !” in the world.

3. Eat dark chocolate. This may not be for everyone, but eating chocolate increases your endorphin levels—these are the chemicals you get after a romantic date. The more endorphins you have, the less headache you’re going to have, the more in love you’re going to feel and the more creative you’re going to be.

4. Finally, if all else fails… go home and spend some time with your special someone. At the end of the day, what makes us perform well as creatives is our life outside work, the people and things that are close to our heart. People who see more, know more and if you know more, you’re probably more likely to nail that design before that 8 AM deadline.

So there you have it, simple techniques that everyone could apply. If you have your own technique, leave us a comment below and share the love!

Remember, love makes the world go 'round.

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