Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haiti: Facing the Book

You know how radio is dead in the US? In our backyard, radio is number one. Not to be too cliché, but radio is the sheriff in town. Closely followed by TV, and newspapers… its deputies.

Before the 7.0 you-know-what, a successful campaign must have included those mediums + billboards. Then, a shift happened, and we entered into the 21st century (woohoo!) We finally understood the power of Twitter, and of Facebook. Social Media in Haiti was born. Now, we have clients asking us about its ROI. We’re ready for this “new” interactive media.

An advertiser's job in Haiti is not as easy as it may seem to you rocket scientists out there. Granted, #SocialMedia is making our jobs easier day in and day out…in certain ways. Even though roughly 50% of the population is illiterate, there is still an interesting percentage of our population on social networking websites – without factoring in our large Diaspora, which is scattered throughout the world.

Get ready to see Voilà on your newsfeed, and to interact with Prestige Beer. Get ready to get a friend request from your mom. Get ready for your @TwitterName to become your email address.

Haiti, welcome to the world of Facebook ads, and Twitter #hashtags.

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