Monday, September 27, 2010

Advertising Agency Seeking Social Media Geek

In a social media universe that has exploded in a massive convergence of community expression, we specialize in corporate-consumer intimacy…building local brands in a Global Haiti context. We have fun doing it, and we are seeking talented (and reliable) people to join the team.

Do you tweet and use Facebook Do you get chills when building a social community? Do you value and take pride in customer service? Do you understand the difference between a blog and a social network? Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you a fast reader? Are you addicted to the conversation?

We’re looking for a highly motivated individual with a “fanatical” passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation leadership. We are not asking you to be super woman or super man (huh, only rarely) but you need to understand the social media universe including the right tools, addresses and appropriate canals.

The successful candidate will not only join the creative and marketing teams, but will also get invited to bake cookies with us ;)

If you apply, and if you get an interview, at the interview, we’ll divulge your essential duties and responsibilities. Oh, and yes, it is a salaried position with some quirky benefits. How does that sound? Geek ;)

Please send your resume to letstalk [at] publigestion [dot] com

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