Monday, September 13, 2010

A Different Cup

5:15 am. Monday September 13th 2010. The bell on my Voilà Blackberry rings, and just like Pavlov’s dog would start to drool at the sound of the bell (Google it if you don’t have a clue what this refers too ;) …I energetically drag myself to the kitchen to get my daily dose of coffee. One-track mind: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Hmmmm. Greatest addiction one could have. I can almost taste it!

Yeah…we all have these morning habits to help us kick off the day. Mine is that special moment where I pretend to be half barista, half alchemist, and while the perfect cup of double shot espresso of Haiti’s best coffee, Selecto® Grand Crue boils, I stretch. Talk to the dog. Think of the next big campaign.

But this morning, something different happened… woke up, and before I could think of that doppio (Is that a Starbuck’s proprietary name btw?) this voice in my head kept on saying…

”Make sure you visit at least one (1) new and different point of view today”

“A new point-of-view also brings a new vantage point.”

“Plan the week and remember to factor in the small details.”

“The external environment first shapes itself from within.”

“Joy is simply making today’s experience greater than yesterday’s.”

Huh? Who’s talking? How did that happen?

Oh yeah, right… that’s what happens when you sleep to Self Improvement audio books. You wake up half barista slash alchemist and half a Stephen Covey wannabe.

Thought I’d share.

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