Monday, September 6, 2010

The Social Media Experts

If we were given a brick every time we mentioned "Social Media" at the agency, by now we would probably have enough to rebuild the Haitian Presidential Palace... But truly, PubliGestion is riding the wave smoothly while amassing more and more knowledge every-single-day. However, we realize how big of an ocean SM can be! Who can say they don't feel like that when it comes to laying out and predicting SM's future?
I had a nightmare once where Twitter hashtags were my nemesis, and a dream where I found Heaven while using Facebook Places and Foursquare.
Oh well, every day on Twitter, we post other people’s articles. Sharing the knowledge. Sharing the love. Now it's time we (PubliGestion) start making love (did I just say that?) I meant that starting this week, every Monday, we are going to tweet our own blog entry. An entry on whatever we feel like discussing on that Monday. It could be about social media, graphic design, our clients, Haiti, and it could even be about you, yes you – the person taking the time to read our shenanigans.
You will get to know the department, and we’re warning you, we are intellectual dorks.
See you next Monday! =)

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