Monday, November 8, 2010

Why is the Prestige Beer Bottle Brown?

Prestige is the only and preferred Haitian beer, and in Haiti, electricity is pretty scarce. As such beer storage is an issue, and so is meat storage – but that’s a whole other story. So, here is an attempt at explaining why the Prestige beer bottles are brown. You ready for this?

But before we reveal any “secrets” let’s take a little beer history tour. A long time ago, a monk decided to put some beer in a bottle, and he realized that after leaving it in there for hours, it was still fresh. Ta-da, there you go… that’s the history of bottled beer.

Once upon a time, the Prestige bottle was green, but since then, the beer bottles have remained brown. Why you may ask? Why is such an elixir, such a nifty crafted beer, stored in what some would call an unpleasant color?

Power (a.k.a kouran) is not always available in our country, and the people at BRANA (Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti) - the Prestige brewers, want their products to always be at their best. Beer must always remain at a steady temperature. So again, why brown bottles? Well, that’s because the color brown helps to keep direct light out of the Prestige bottles, and that maintains the beer brand spanking new while tasting fresh and original.

We guarantee you that Prestige beer does taste fresher, and is more flavorful thanks to its brown bottles than any of its Caribbean counterparts, in say… a green bottle. Since our favorite beer is not directly exposed to sunlight, it does not lose its texture, and especially not its flavor.

Some day, we’ll discuss why the bottles are short and stubby! :)

One Love, y’all.

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