Friday, October 29, 2010

The Rush

Do you go out on a Friday night? Have you ever met someone who smiled at you and he or she just placed everything right, as if everything in your life just snapped together in perfect harmony? They call it love at first sight… and yes it happens! Though once you feel it, you must act on it, believe and do your best to make it work.

That too is true with designing. Ideas come and go, but only few could make you feel that rush of blood to the head. Only few become concepts that make your heart skip a beat, and only few see that happily ever after ending—mounted and displayed proudly on the news stands, or on giant billboards. It sets everything right, once you have it in Photoshop, you’ll know that’s the one on instinct. Clarity follows right after, the color scheme, the fonts, even the faintest drop shadow and vignette. You just need to trust the feeling and have faith. There, you’ve stepped higher for experiencing such rarity. You’ve transformed ideas into tangible creations that would eventually help clients achieve their marketing objectives and make your team swell with pride for a job well done.

You may say, Ah Tèt Syèl ! C’est vrai... it might be dreamy, even lofty, but it happens. It may pass you by, and you may choose to act or ignore, still it ensues. The trick is you must recognize it, act and nurture it—caress and give it time to grow, because in the end you’ll never regret anything if you follow your artistic tendencies.

PS: Whew! Such seriousness was required in this entry. So when you go out tonight, remember to grab that Rhum sour to send you to that Tèt Syèl experience!

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