Monday, October 18, 2010

A German Tank - Civilian Version

We decided that for this week's post to share a recent print ad with you guys. Our client came to us wanting to divulge this new car that their dealership was introducing onto the Haitian market - via social media. We thought about it. We agreed. Then, we changed our minds and decided to go with a simple print campaign on Haiti's leading newspapers. Remember that in a recent entry, we told you that print was still highly relevant in Haiti. What's more is that it is the best way to grab our target market's attention in a quick and efficient manner.

We introduce you to the Volkswagen Amarok. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Volkswagen has a pick-up truck! Fascinating isn't it? You'll understand our rationale behind our tagline, roughly translated into "A German Tank - Civilian Version" in a minute. Hold on...

When we did our market research, we noticed that in Haiti, Volkswagen is a luxury vehicle, and as such people thought it would just be a Touareg... with a bed. We had to find a way to convince our audience that this isn't a car to roll around in the suburbs, but a car to take out for a ride in the dirt, up the mountains and down the valley. Simply put, this car is a rugged workhorse. And guess what? The dealership is now sold out. ;)

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