Monday, November 29, 2010

Role of Social Networks in the 2010 Haiti Elections

Today is the Monday following important elections in our country, and we bet none of our usual readers thought we’d have a post out today, but we do. We respect our word ;-)

We witnessed history yesterday where social networks were citizens’ ink and paper, and where Twitter and Facebook were their printing press. The Haitian people, and the foreigners ever so present in Haiti, tweeted out their thoughts on the elections.

Similarly to the Iran elections last year, Haiti’s elections yesterday were broadcasted over social networks. One of the striking aspects of the #Haiti #Elections is definitely the heavy use of social media. Haitians really relied on it to spread information on protests and to communicate their frustration to many many people worldwide, and at home. So much was recorded via these social networks that anyone is able to understand the development of the event through these networks.

That’s all we’ll say, because you must understand that we won’t give you an opinion on anything that happened because our goal is to always remain unbiased. Our only broadcasted opinions are always related to what we do – marketing and communications.

To stay on top of the scoop on Twitter, check out the timeline for #Haiti #Elections by simply clicking on this link:

À la prochaine !

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