Monday, December 13, 2010

Living in Haiti isn’t Easy

Current state of mind = “OMG. Get me out of my house!”

If the title of this blog entry doesn't say it all, the previous statement sure is an eye opener. Right?

With the civil unrest happening in our country, we’ve lost 3 full days of work -- that’s 24 precious work hours. In those 24 hours, we could have accomplished so much, including the ability to meet so many deadlines to many projects.

Though, a lot of us on the PG team had been working from home, and major projects were still underway, we cannot help but feel robbed of our ability to sit together, have a cup of tea or of coffee, and brainstorm while in the same physical room.

Today, we are lucky enough to be able to gather up at our lair, but truth be told, we don’t know when we’ll be able to actually get our full creative mojos back on with how unstable our dear Haiti is right now, but we sure hope it will be soon enough.

Drop us a line full of cheer sometime via Twitter, or comment down below to add smiles to our faces… A smile goes a long way :)

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