Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays and GOODBYE to 2010

So as scheduled, we had our little holiday party at the office on Friday. Although our intention was to share pictures on the blog with you all, we decided that maybe we shouldn’t…

In fact, in memory of those who have left us in 2010, before we pop that champagne, let us observe a minute of silence…

(One minute later)

Hi Again.

So, the real purpose of this blog entry is to wish all of our dear readers happy holidays. So to you, the guy or gal reading this from his or her iPad, VoilĂ  BlackBerry, laptop or whatever gizmo, Happy Holidays from all of us at PubliGestion! May 2011 be blessed with lots of love and good surprises! In fact, never forget to open-up your aperture, letting lots of light in, and may the flow of abundance spoil you, both intellectually and “Dollarlly” – should we say “Eurolly”? Thank you so much for your readership, your comments, and your professional advice. Our blog these past few months has grown so much both in readership quantity and quality. We can feel the improvement in our bones. Now now, some of you who are thinking, “but wait, nobody ever comments” --- You’re right, no one comments on the blog, which we also find weird, but we get BBMs, Facebook messages and emails… even drop by’s… yup! So, thank YOU, thank YOU!

Did we say thank you?

Orevwa 2010! This year was a challenging one to say the least, and we’re glad it’s almost over. We’re welcoming 2011 with big-wide-open-arms and a giant smile. We can’t wait for what it has in store for us as a team and as individuals, but most importantly, we are ready. In our collective mind, we are already re-formatting our brain with the new 2011 OS. It is going to be the best year since the printing press was invented.

So, let’s toast some champagne, or some sparkling grape juice if you don’t drink, to a wonderful new year ahead.


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