Monday, November 22, 2010

RockMelt: What’s so special about it anyway?

We were recently accepted to receive an early invitation to try out RockMelt. In case you hadn’t heard of it, it is a new Internet browser with social integration linking you up to your social networks. RockMelt integrates multiple plug-ins allowing you to be more social while browsing the web 2.0. For example, you can be logged-on to Facebook on the right side panel for as long as you wish, chatting with multiple friends while browsing other websites. The plus is that you don’t have to stop what you are doing to check up on what is going on around the World.

Moving over to the right side panel, RockMelt has your plug-ins – from your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feeds, to an interesting website feed feature. So basically, if a website has a RSS feed, you can easily add it to the sidebar to get quick updates without being side tracked.

Things we liked:
1. Being connected to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (etc) while browsing other websites.
2. The overall feel of the browser itself
3. The share button at the top near the navigation bar (sharing content with your friends becomes extremely easy)
4. It is a mixture between FriendFeed and Google Chrome.
5. It is a blazing fast browser
6. Integration. Integration. Oh, and did I say Integration?
7. It has a nice user interface.

Things we didn’t necessarily like:

1. It feels like Google Chrome with a plug-in, but then again isn’t that the point?
2. To get an invitation, you have to log-on via Facebook.
3. Having to log into Facebook every single time you open the browser gets annoying.
4. The Twitter experience isn’t quite there yet.

The folks at RockMelt claim to have re-imagined the browser, and I will definitely give them kudos for that because… they have. If you’ve tried RockMelt and don’t think this to be true, surely you will admit that they have at least paved the way for the new social browsing experience.

Oh yeah, guess what? We have one additional invite left. Anyone who is interested in trying this Internet browser out, leave us a comment below and we’ll hook ya up!

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