Monday, November 15, 2010

Against All Odds


In case you are new to our blog (deep breath): Welcome ;-)
In case you are a regular, welcome back! We missed you too!

This is our 14th post and we will soon be moving to thanks to the good help of Blogger and our IT team.

But quickly, to better put this post into perspective, let us briefly tell you what we do. PubliGestion’s (PG) core offering is sustainable branding; specializing in message development and placement. A very thorny task if you ask us, especially when in a country like Haiti where Murphy’s Law seems to be the governing rule.

But any who, back to our goats, and to what PG does:

- From brand-inception, to logo and package designing… check
- To creative ideas to ultimately shaping people’s perception and habits…check
- And finally, to doing only to a brand what brings added and sustainable timeless value, something which we know is quite priceless… check

You see to us sustainable brandship is when a local company acts locally while thinking globally. Take for example our Haitian rum, Rhum Barbancourt, our premium lager beer Prestige Beer or our preferred wireless communications provider, VoilĂ .

- All three exported Haitian brands.
- All three premium products or services.
- All three embodying what the best Haiti has to offer...
“Character and Uniqueness”

The point is that contrary to popular belief, Haiti is not all about the cholera epidemic and the poverty stricken post-quake images of a fallen state. Truth of the matter is, there are serious and successful companies here with serious global interactions including highly specialized people working on top of the line set-ups and perfecting themselves daily - thanks in part to more developed countries’ transfer of people, knowledge and knowhow.

You see, these local companies usually stand out from the crowd and they are the ones that let foreign investors conclude that, hmmm, maybe Haiti is open for business.

As the proud chosen agency to handle these brands… we like to think of them (and advertise them) as The Best Ambassadors of Haiti…so they (and their branding) better behave themselves as such. Globally. So far we must say they have been doing a pretty great job.

Now, isn’t that a good definition (or at least indication) of progress - Against All Odds.

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