Monday, August 22, 2011

When Apple and BlackBerry were just fruits

Try to remember how life was back in the non-digital days. Rotary phones, phonebooks, boom boxes, cassettes; The Atari; The Polaroid; The stamped envelopes (!!!) 

At the time, and looking back, technology was clearly at its early stage. Never too harmful. Never too present. One click into the future…and into 2011 and BANG: Our new smartphones are doing all of the above and so much more.

Technology evolved so quickly and smartly. For example, an interesting study reveals that a rat and a MacBook Pro are of similar intelligence.* My own assumption is that the iPod Touch is probably as smart as a poodle; Just how the poodle will fetch a bone, the iPod will fetch you the Bone Thugs and Harmony discography in a jiffy. Proof enough?

In advertising for instance, technology is already bringing innovative and unheard of possibilities. has an interesting story today about a new technology being test marketed in Japan right now. This product is a billboard with facial recognition software to scan your face, determine your gender and then deliver an appropriate ad.

Tèt chaje indeed. It’s a brave new world out there and we are so happy and so excited to be part of it!
This week nonetheless, we invite you all to unplug for a moment from the digital world. Go back to reading that paper-back book. Go off the wire. Take a vacay. Remove yourself from the grid. Unplug. Go find yourself different sets of distractions away from the digital noise. Immerse yourself into the blue noise of stillness. Open your horizons and emancipate yourself from digital slavery!

Ok ok ok. LMAO You can go back to work now. Seriously? What would we do if Apple was just a fruit?  

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