Monday, August 1, 2011

Can your intern write your blog?

If your intern is an English major, or a writer with a proven track in writing engaging and consistent content that is search engine optimized…hmmm, maybe? However, rule 101, remember that your blog has to be coherent. By coherent we mean logical and consistent. In a field of infinite blogging possibilities, great blogs revolve around subjects  its bloggers know best. The secret is to always theme posts that are part of your field of lexicon. That way readers know what to expect from you, and keep on coming for more of the same good stuff.

If you always blog about hot dogs, don’t diversify and talk about the new breed from the American Kennel Club. You know?  Before deciding to have a blog, remember this: good blogging takes time and commitment.  If your company is serious about creating an essentially great blog, begin with the end in mind.  

Not to toot our horn, but our social media team would like to remind you that a great blog (and we’re starting to think our blog isn’t too bad) must have many brains, but a distinctive pen.  With training and practice, your intern may be able to write your company’s blog. So, to Nathalie (our new intern), if you are willing to jump the ink, we’d love to train you! From the way you talk about your weekend escapades, you must be natural born storyteller. :-)

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