Monday, August 8, 2011

New ET at PubliGestion


Bzzzt gzzt... Earth to PubliGestion, Earth to Publigestion!

A month before this post, you would've pulled a taro card and told me I would work at PubliGestion and I still wouldn't believe you. We could even bet on it and I'd probably be the one ending up buying the first round of Prestige, byen glase!

2 weeks before, the Agency deployed two of their own kind to visit me.  They came in with their flying saucer, flashed a blue light at me and that was it. I was an official UFO (eMarketing Coordinator/Designer in human terms) stationed in the "Zen Room";  A little e-room called this way by our Marketing Director... because it's usually where the cosmic energies conjugate.  I share the space with two other ETs. One deals with keeping me busy from 8:30 to 4:30; she's the Interactive Community Strategist and the other is an Intern from Planet Mark_Elenin. We are the Social Media Department and boy do the inhabitants here drink black coffee!

Though it sounds scary, working with aliens like the creative folks here at Publigestion is proving to be a great experience, like eating double bacon cheese burger with extra ketchup in zero G. In my next post, we'll go into the details about the life of a Digital Marketer in Haiti.

In the meantime, leave us a comment.

Ciao! bbzzzz bzzzz. Over and out.

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