Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to the basics

My computer kept installing updates and requesting to restart, and so, rather than sitting at my desk and staring at the beautiful scenery while my mac got a dose of that wholesome goodness, for once, I took out a legal notepad and a pen, wow...

I had completely forgotten the feeling of writing. You know, pressing a pen down a piece of paper. In a matter of seconds…ok, maybe about half an hour, I had finished writing and conjuring up an urgent rationale. No writer’s block. Just business. The ease of it all surprises me up to this day – this happened a week ago.

Sure, I crossed out a paragraph while explaining why this brand should do that (unfortunately the rationale is top secret and I can’t share it with y’all), but crossing out Ts and dotting Is woke up so many of my senses: something Word Processor could never do.

This reawakening of the love of physical writing, coming from a social media strategist who’s extent of using a pen in the past year has been signing a check, is mind-boggling. Don't get me wrong, social media and the matrix still turn on my creative juices, but...

As a child, I hated reading. However, I loved to write as forming letters to me was an art – a more restrictive type of art versus drawing and doodling, but still…an art. As my senses converged, as I grew older, I started to love to read as well, for words on paper created scenes in my mind. In high school, I discovered the art of reading. As clichĂ© as it may be, my imagination then started to run wild, to run amuck. During my college days, I found great comfort in writing and in reading essays.

In the past week, after years of simply appreciating, eating and sleeping digital material, I have come back to the basics: pen and paper. My advice to each and every one of you reading this entry is to take a little time to appreciate and relish the organic things in life. Oh, the joy...

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