Monday, April 18, 2011

How’s that for MADE IN HAITI exotism?!

Mid-Town. Arts district.

Just now, I can bet the imagery created by these two denominations brought you straight to New York City: Broadway, Times Square and the Empire State… But nope… This is Miami. Midtown Miami.

Home to the creative-centric “everything” sprouting everywhere and a top location for young urbanites with a flare (and pocket) for debonair lifestyle. Midtown Miami feels like the new Soho. A lovely feeling and crazy vibe, indeed.

So here we are, invited by Miami-bound relatives, we finally arrived with an hour late (Haitian style obliged) to this spot named Sugarcane. Our being late, however seemed to have absolutely no effect on our invitees.

Please let us mention that Sugarcane's mixologists truly exhibited a savoir-plaire with a tasteful and savorful (even to the eye) list of palate-opener cocktails. Even a quick glance at the menu (printed on what feels to be sugarcane inspired paper) would quickly confirm that they have really truly put great thought to the Bar in Bar & Grill.

With a sidewalk terrace enclosed by a vineyard inspired wall, Sugarcane is this loft-style-high-ceiling setting Bar & Grill with a chic mix of giant cement poles and rustic woody sitting blending perfectly with more modern elements like stainless counter-tops and precision-cut stone walls. Miniature banana-trees and green aloe-like plants let you know straight off you are right home to an authentic offering, reminiscent to Spanish backyards. Three distinct kitchens flame up a wide variety of fusion tapas like Bacon wrapped dates, Duck and waffle, Brussel sprouts, Japanese eggplant, Goat cheese croquettes…a true testament that less (in quantity) is really...more (in taste).

But by now, you must be wondering if PubliGestion has changed vocation and was hired by the Zaggat or the Miami Michelin guide, lol... We figured we had to put you in context to better understand how global our local brands are getting. Both Rhum Barbancourt and Prestige Beer are part of Sugarcane's regular menu…so much so that on any given random table or day, you would see a Prestige, or Rhum Barbancourt based cocktails shining like Haitian flags on foreign soil. How’s that for MADE IN HAITI exotism?!

Oh, and did we mention this part of town, now chic and premium, was formally old-little Haiti? We are so glad, so grateful and proud to see some restaurant owners have stayed true to Midtown’s origin (Business obliged ;)

(Image: AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike by MISS~LISA)
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