Monday, April 11, 2011

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”

Is there any safer and more beautiful way to express yourself but to put down your thoughts on a piece of paper? How about singing your heart out to the world, knowing that you can share and give back something so pure to the universe? Giving something others can relate to; and be a reference to certain moments, times and places. Music is humanity.

Music is much more than a stress reliever, much more than therapy. It is a way of life. It isn’t necessarily a melody, or a chord; it’s more of a distinguished harmony. The sound of an engine, though not as delicate or soothing as that of the beach waves or the raindrops, is just as beautiful. They all serve a purpose.

I could go on and on about my passion for sounds but the most important aspect is the fact that, sound just like light, just like planet earth and things beyond our knowledge is energy. Did you know that every molecule has its own frequency, therefore its own sound? And every frequency corresponds to a particular color?

See, in the advertising world, we treat every color, text, every impression and diffusion, as they are frequency based… with care. They are after all, products of a team effort, of various energies put together. And because of that, like an engineer mixing a track and making sure each and every sound is balanced correctly to be in tune with, not only the ears but also the enjoyment of the audience they cater to, our job is to make sure that we present and represent each of our client’s products with the correct mix and balance in mind.

Brands are just like us; they grow up listening to Jazz, Compas, Rock, Hip Hop, Bossa Nova, Country, or all of the above. And so at times, we either kick it up a notch or lower down the tone. And what better language to express itself than the universal language of sounds: Music.

Oh, I'm sorry. Please let me introduce myself. At PubliGestion, I am the guy who creates and assures the quality of the jingles you hear on your way to work (if you live in Haiti), or at your desk while streaming Haitian radio here and abroad. I'm passionate about sound and currently evolving as a producer. With a blessed and talented team of copywriters and marketing professionals, everything that is created at PubliGestion comes out being as colorful as the media spectrum in which it is broadcasted. For your viewing and hearing pleasure.

- Fabrice Germain, Production at PG

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