Monday, June 27, 2011

LIVE! It's Monday Afternoon. Sharing in the NOW.

I was watching the BET awards yesterday, and it hit me…live TV is back, but thanks to one thing: social media.

I wasn’t planning on watching the show, but Twitter enticed me to do so. I logged on, and that's all everybody was talking about. Rare was the person tweeting about the weather. The BET Awards were it!

During the entire event, I was glued to the social network. I had a lot of fun commenting on and reading other people's comments on the main Twitter #BETawards hashtag. People were making me laugh with remarks on performances, award winners, celebrity outfits and, oh, the hair…! It was certainly a good example of that extra element which can be added to open up LIVE events. Live TV is here to stay. So sorry DVR, but with social media, you’re nothing but a cool VCR.

Social media is changing the landscape more than ever. TV is no longer a push medium, but a pull medium. Now, the question for us marketers is: how do we capture our audience’s attention during commercials? How do we get them to tweet and comment on Facebook about our ads during the break? We need to capitalize in real-time.

I’m predicting interactive TVs in the future with social networks plugged-in telling the audience to follow/like (or whatever the lingo will be) in order to receive “exclusive” coupons.

Only time will tell. Cheers, and a good week to all!

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