Monday, June 6, 2011

Ad Agency vs. Creative Boutique - Navigating the World of the Creatives

This is a biased entry. You’ve been warned ;)

Okay, so what is a creative boutique anyway? Simply put, it’s a type of agency that only specializes in the creative aspects of advertising, but not in the strategic aspect of marketing.

Creative boutiques are in essence agencies that, at their best, provide specific services to clients: visuals, sounds or maybe both. Although their services may come out aesthetically perfect, without the proper guidance and influence they tend to miss the bull’s eye.

The lack of research done at these agencies hinders campaigns, as they don’t understand the market they are targeting. This lack of appreciating trends keeps them from providing the extra mile to position a brand, or the knowledge to avoid that unanticipated bump - which brings in little to any ROI.


The core feature of an ad agency is its ability to be as creative as the creative boutique, but with more tricks up its sleeves. At PubliGestion we see it as being creative, but with a purpose. We align our creativity with strategic end goals in mind. The pivotal ball in an ad agency relies in terms such as “research, specificity and end results.”

With the knowledge of clients’ markets and the culture, an ad agency has the capability to take the ideas of the creative boutique to a whole other level - as cliché as this may be: The sky is the limit. In today's world you need that key differentiator. You cannot have the same persona as your competitors. That's what a full-service agency helps to provide: that core sustainable brandship - that works.

We figure out what makes a brand stand out. What makes it unique and attractive. Best of all, agencies know how to sell your brand to any prospect - or even create the need - creating value at every step of the consumers' cognitive buying process.

Mathematically, a creative boutique is not equal to, but included in, an Ad agency.


  1. An overripe term: "Creating value" is prolific and stuffs the invoices of agencies everywhere.

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