Monday, June 20, 2011

Clients. Clients. Clients... What I Love About Them!

My day-to-day job as an account executive at PubliGestion allows me to be in contact with some very special people, our reason to be: our customers….

I love my customers:

- I love the fact that they often don’t know what they want; it challenges our creativity!

- I love it when they have a very precise idea of what they want (even if it needs some refining); it teaches us to be gently persuasive.

- I love the fact that it takes them a long time to make a decision; it teaches us patience!

- I love the fact that they like to change their mind (and thus the whole concept the team has been working on for a week) at the last minute; it keeps us on our toes!

- I love the fact that it is always urgent when the project is in our hands, and becomes much less urgent when they have to review it; it helps us improve our speed and efficiency!

- I love it that they expect us to be available when they need us (Saturdays, sundays and after hours included); it teaches us the importance of service!

- I love the fact that they want to spend little and impress a lot; it teaches us to negotiate, cut costs and create a lot with very little means.

- I love it when our customers are happy with the work we have produced, and proud of it as if they had done the job themselves; It teaches us to share.

- I even love it when they dislike the job we have done; It teaches us humility.

I have to admit I also love the Christmas gift I receive when the client is a happy one… ;-). But mostly, I love the fact that when you work on a regular basis with a customer, you get to know and sometimes appreciate a new person, and that person gets to know and appreciate you, and hopefully sometimes, an old customer becomes a new friend…

And I love my friends!

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  1. And I also love the last minute "little changes" that will take you longer than the time you've past on the whole job.

    Funny post and inspiring as always :)