Monday, May 23, 2011

No blasphemy intended...but we have to face the book.

So today is Monday, and if you couldn’t get out of bed this morning… hey, it’s definitely not the end of the world. To doomsayers’ discontent, life carries on. It’s business as usual and sooner rather than later, our dear world as we know it rises and shines again, continuing its progress.

Here in Haiti Judgment-Day Billboards were on every major road. The message got amplified ten folds with word of mouth, and there were even online ads about “5.21.2011” geo-targeted to us in Haiti.

But alas, if this whole End-of-time will have to wait for some other date, it definitely showed us all how the dissemination of a “one-to-many” message has taken on new proportions, speed and magnitudes. Ask Harold Camping, certainly he knows a thing or two on snow-ball-effect.

With Facebook, Twitter and all the new emerging social-networks, the imparting of information goes global instantly. Nothing new there. Not a shocker.

But food for thought, and please no blasphemy intended, we have to agree, if Jesus does decide to show up next time around, it won’t be a surprise if the first place he goes to is Facebook ;)

Jesus on FB

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