Monday, February 28, 2011

I Know Kung Fu

HooHOOhoo! (Say it with us). That’s the word of the week because two of PG’s graphic designers attended the 2011 Graphics of the Americas in Orange County (Orlando). A lot of freshies pouring into the industry, dinosaurs getting de-fossilized, curious eyes poking around (more like voyeurs... actually), new solutions to age old creative problems and technology that is so alien it will blow your mind! HooHOOhoo!

There were classes too. The inDesign classes rocked, but what wowed us the most is the "Secrets of Creative Professionals" session, by Greg Heald. It’s like seeing the Holy Grail shining in front of you for the first time! Meh, actually, it feels like we got a super cool OS update plugged into our brains... I know kung-fu! Bahaha.

So expect more tricks up our Creative Team’s sleeves. Though our teammates missed Epcot® night, they were rubbing elbows with industry leaders and making friends *insert flirtatious wink here* from all around the world and networking especially with that “supplier” behind the big 4-color Heidelberg printer you know? >;-)

Now our designers are home with fresh eyes and new ideas. Ready for action! Running on an updated OS with new features, such as better inDesign layout handling and new Photoshop techniques. Maybe now they could even magically make Photoshop run faster than a speeding coffee mug! More good stuff to come! The more you see the more ideas you have! HooHOOhoo

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