Monday, February 14, 2011

Love What You Do

Today is fly-me-to-the-moon day =) more commercially known as Valentine’s Day (Saint Valentine's day for you purists out there). The day when, worldwide, people express their love towards each other - and usually have to buy either chocolate, a card or a diamond in doing so. Some here at the agency feel it's more Single Awareness Day. But that’s another story.

On this February 14th, no chocolate or roses required (although welcomed)... Coupled-up or not, we are celebrating! Celebrating our LOVE for work. LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and everything else will fall into place. You see, if someone started working at 21 and retired at 65 (working a full-time schedule) that person would have worked close to 100,000 hours!

These 100,000 hours can either be pure punishment, or with a little bit of LOVE, they can be your time-to-shine, working your magic in this great field of infinite possibilities. Take a daily dose of LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and see how little miracles happen here and there; Try it…See how the whole world and events will seem to conjugate to get you closer to your dreams; Even unfortunate events will start to look like life lessons urging you to do more, better.

See, as advertisers, it's up to us to shape how people perceive brands, ideas, events...and ultimately we create the imagery of what an idyllic life is - or should be.

So to everyone out there, LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Only then will you be of value to society (you might even start loving Mondays).

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you too.

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