Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year. New Bloggers' Block.


So there we are, a few bloggers under one rooftop at PubliGestion. We dubbed our blog "Bloggers' Block", a merger of six very distinct blogging voices: Olivier (Ob) our Marketing Director, Pong our Head Graphic Designer, Jacquemine (JL) one of our Account Executives (we needed to add at least one person from the "other" side), Richie (RM) our Producer, Keriko our friend from space (he comes in peace), and myself - Veronique (VC), our Digital Marketing Strategist. Ultimately, Bloggers' Block is a team effort and every single member of the PubliGestion team contributes in his or her way.

You may be wondering why we are suddenly introducing who is behind the blog. Well, this year, we're going to do things a little bit differently. Rather than posting every monday, we will post every wednesday. It's the middle of the week. You need a break from your reports, we need a break from our clients (we love you!), but we both need to share and consume knowledge. BTW, don't be surprised if we post twice in a week sporadically - life isn't about the walls and rules which constrain us ;). 

We promise you though that our voices won't change. Our blogs will be consistent as usual, but this year, note that there will be 6 distinct POVs sharing a common vibe of advertising, design, Haiti, inner peace, and all things net. En d'autres mots, a little something for everybody. We will be full of surprises, and it'll never be the same perspective - basically what you always loved about us. What we will keep on doing in the same way is that we will continue to jump in on topics together. At PG, we give out ideas for free because it's all about sharing the wealth that is le-savoir-faire. And on Bloggers' Block, you'll always get six for the price of free. 

PubliGestion, forever.

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