Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our wishes for 2012

"Put on your party hat and raise a toast to 2012. This NEW YEAR will be full of excitements and mystery! Buckle-up to your seat and enjoy the ride towards new goals and objectives you will each give to yourself. Wishes of success, wealth, health and happiness to all of you;-)" - Nathalie, Financial Controller

"2012, here we come. It is our choice to fear or not to fear the 'catastrophic' year so many people are announcing. As for me, I am full of hope that this new year will bring us all love, peace, health, energy and creativity (and all the money we need to really enjoy all of the above). And if it were to be a very difficult 2012… I suggest we get our strength from one of my favorite quote : 'What does not kill you makes you stronger'… So bring it on 2012! Happy new year!" - Jacquemine, Accounts Manager

"The greatest lesson of this year: 'Having a well-organized life is not about adding on to it. It's about subtracting and putting careful thought on what you put in it.' Happy New Year!!! - Pong (@whitespacelover), Head Graphic Designer

"À chacun(e) de vous, je souhaite de chaleureuses fêtes de fin d’année ! ♥.Que votre maison soit rempli à craquer de précieux moments partagés avec ceux et celles que vous aimez, de fous rires, de joies, d'amitiés, de santé surtout, et, un dernier souhait que j'aime bien, : Que le bonheur vous court après... et qu'il vous attrape ! HeUrEuSe AnNéE 2012" - Rachelle, Account Executive

"2012, contrary to popular belief will be a year which will come with lots of hopes and possibilities. So, I am wishing that this New Year brightens up the lives of every single person reading this blog with new joys and lots of great surprises!" - Nathalie (@Nathoue), Event Coordinator

"Voici venir 2012 !
Plantons-y Trois Cent Soixante Cinq graines de Positivité,
pour récolter joyeusement Trois Cent Soixante-Cinq Jours
de Succès, de Bonheur et de Prospérité.
A vous tous, Bonne et Heureuse Annee 2012." - Eliane, CEO

"The greatest discovery our generation has the privilege to be the witness of is the power of the mind, the power of will and conviction. Yes, we've came to realize that any human being can alter his life and shape it by altering the attitude of his mind. YOU really can! It's a new year, a driving force, a trigger, a chance for you to become someone better, happier, stronger, healthier... Happy New Year!" - Jay (@jaydesignhaiti), Webdesigner and Coordinator

"May God give us all Protection all the way to 2012…." - Marie Carmel, Purchasing Agent

"En guise de vœux de fin d’année, je me propose de partager avec vous une pensée du philosophe indien Jiddu Krishnamurti. 'Tant que vous n'êtes pas prêt à être responsable de tout - mais vraiment de tout ce qui se produit dans votre vie- vous ne progresserez pas.' Que cette pensée, comme une prise de conscience heureuse, illumine la vie de tout un chacun sur le chemin sinueux de l’émancipation.Bonne et Heureuse Année à vous tous !" - Kanga, Copywriter

"I do not care about how you name him, for 2012 you must call him more.I do not know about how much you love them, for 2012 you must love them more.I do not feel how strong you believe, for 2012 you must have FAITH.'Cause only the strong survive.'" - Josué, Graphic Designer

"May you be where you wish to be, together with those you cherish.May you find the food tastier, the environment quieter, and the pleasure more fulfilling in anything you do. May you have an idea a day, but most importantly, may you fulfill the best of them. And so, a toast to 2012! Live it up! You never know if the predictions are true. ;)" - Véronique (@craav), Digital Marketing Strategist

"A little smile,a word of cheer,
a bit of love from someone near,
a little gift from one held dear,
best wishes for the coming year!" - Gisande, Art Director

"Because life is so precious. Because life is made to be abundant. Because the best things in life are not things. Because the greatest sense of achievement comes when its earned. Because there are miracles to be found everywhere if you look close enough. Because you have the right to be happy. Because you have the right to choose. Because sometimes life is about the “not to do” list. Because time is only a fiction of the mind. Because whether you think you can, or say you can’t, either way you are right. Because the body is a good slave but a very bad master. Because the Maya calendar is of no real importance. Because you are the best version of yourself. Because it’s better to learn from mistakes, preferably someone else’s. Because there is always room for improvement. Because change is the only constant. Because winning is a habit, but unfortunately so is loosing. Because only you is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential. Because reality can only exist in the mind of the observer. 2012 will be your best year ever…if you say so." - Olivier, Marketing Director

"Pou 2012, kenbe Prestige ou wo ! :)" - Monica, Account Executive

"Onè, to the year to come.
Respè,to the one that's gone.
We know we dream,we dream we know.
We laugh.We lie.We curse.We hug.We fear.We praise.We hope.We rise.We love.
And that's how the year unfolds.

If this year depended on what others have done for you, may 2012 depend on what you will do for others.

Happy New Year to all." - Ted, Graphic Designer

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