Monday, November 14, 2011

Conveying Emotion: "Voilà, 12 ans"

We haven't showcased a TV ad in a while,  and we felt you may want to see our latest creation. Not to toot our own horn,  but the feedback we've gotten is quite positive. This week,  we decided to go with our latest TV ad for Voilà.

Our favorite telecommunications client recently celebrated 12 years of serving the Haitian market. In this video, they thank their loyal customers for letting Voilà/Comcel be by their side during those years. The ad is in French,  but you do not need to speak the language for the emotions to flow in. It is a purely sentimental ad that goes straight to your heart.

"Voilà, 12 ans" is a collaboration between PubliGestion and Muska Productions. Go ahead,  leave us your comments and your thoughts. Tell us why you love it,  or if you don't,  please don't hesitate to tell us why,  as we love constructive criticism.

PG,  over and out.

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