Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 Mashable Media Summit - In our eyes.

VC, circled in red, in attendance at the 2011 Mashable Media Summit.
On Friday November 4th, our eMarketing Strategist (Véronique_code name: VC) , had the pleasure of attending the 2011 Mashable Media Summit in New York City.

In a quick click, if you don’t know what the Mashable Media Summit is, here goes: it was a conference attended by a group of dominant space-age species exploring how media-centric technology has forever changed our fields.

The house, the Times Center, was packed with over 360 attendants tweeting away and taking notes from tablets. On deck were some real rock stars from Facebook, Foursquare, Reuters, The New York Times, Buddy Media, Esquire, Gilt Group, etc, etc, etc… From Véronique’s own words: “My brain felt like a blank hard drive, downloading from the thoughts evoked by some of the most brilliant minds in our field.”

When asked who her top 2 presenters/sessions were, VC said:

1-    The Importance of Being Awesome by Faris Yakob, Chief Innovation Officer at MDC Partners/KBS+P, who she mimicked as being a total character. He was the presenter right after lunch. You know? That slump lot when everyone in attendance has the itis. “Awesome and unconventional” she furthers… a positively wacky and brilliant presentation summing up technology as "stuff that doesn't work yet" but soon to be the norm.

2-    Like a Virgin — The Ultimate User Experience  by Tor Myhren, President of Grey New York, who also used a positively deranged analogy to highlight how much social media is changing the way we communicate. Myhren told the participants he, as a boy, lost his virginity at 14 in a relationship that started over the land line. Flash forward to 2011, boys and girls still want to meet…but only this time it fist happens on Facebook with all the poking, sexting and the like. Demonstrating how "As technology changes, the soul of man (and his impulses) do not."

As for the day’s highlights, rather than rehashing what is already on the intrawebs, we invite you to check our Twitter timeline, or just do a Twitter search with the conference’s hashtag #MediaSummit. And since true success is knowledge applied…we look forward to applying ALL of that newly downloaded knowledge to the benefit of our clients. =)

PG, over and out.

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