Monday, October 24, 2011

Web design vs. Print design. Huh?

Most of the graphic designers out there have a career path from print design to web design, which is comprehensible since chronologically, computers follow papers. 

Of course, the ones who were born in the digital era form the exceptions; without a clue what in the world a "0.25in bleed" means. Don’t get us wrong; there are numerous graphic designers out there who know their stuff when it comes to print, billboard design, layout and the Pantone Matching System. BUT, all graphic designers are not good web designers - le contraire est aussi vrai. Web design is such a different world where there is no paper size; there’s "screen resolution", and it changes for every viewer depending on their screen size, colors don't cost extra to print, you have to use fonts that are included in most font-books, etc...

Transiting from print to web is a difficult journey for the graphic designer; just like the change from mac to windows. Though they share a lot of similarities, mostly on a fundamental level, print and web are two different worlds. The former is static (once it's printed, it's printed) while the latter is dynamic and most importantly interactive. Oh, and in print design, the paper doesn't have to load, whereas in web-design you're only as good as your website is light.

What's more is that it has *kinda* been proven that print designers and web-designers think with different sides of their brains. Which do you think is more creative? Either way, designers in general are some of the most passionate, strong willed, dedicated of people. We're always impressed with good design!

Oh, btw, we're hiring graphic designers if you need a job! It's a down economy, move to Haiti. ;-)


  1. I am non-technical person who was having problem in understanding what is the difference between the two.The matter has helped me - But it would have been more clear if I could know what is required skill sets in the two particular fields.

  2. Hello UK print design! That will be for another blog entry actually! It's as if you read our mind. Shoot us an email at, and we will reply with a quick set of skills for both. Cheers.

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