Monday, July 18, 2011

What do you wanna do when you grow up?

This Saturday, I had the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” conversation with my 7-year-old godson, and the clever little dude replies: “when you were my age, Facebook didn’t exist right?” To which I had to obviously reply “No. It didn’t.”  With a grin on his face he says: “When I’m your age, I’ll have a career in something that doesn’t exist yet.” How cool is that?

Facebook was a few years old when I got to college. The first thing I signed up  for with my “.edu” email account was Facebook. Back then the social network was only opened to college students, and grandma was not sending you FarmVille requests! ... And the rest is history.

When Zuckerberg and his team decided to open it up to the public at large, it was clear his baby would become a digital superpower. It is unimaginable how much social networks have turned our world upside down giving a whole new dimension to being citizens of the world. On a marketing standpoint, think about their influence on the ways we communicate, advertise, collect intelligence and research on research.

To my  dear “digital native” godson, here are a few jobs you might want to keep an eye on…
- Cyber Security Specialist: Keep our lives safe. The cop of tomorrow. People with this speciality will be a hot commodity.
- Organic Food Engineer: This may have a weird sound to it, but in the future, who knows what will be on the menu. Hint: climate change.
- Application Developer and Simulation Expert: The designer of the future will not only make things look beautiful, but functional: from how we perform surgeries to flying to drinking and driving. Holograms?
- Robotics Manufacturer: Microbotics will be to your generation what the Radiography is to mine. Obsolete, and no longer impressive. Here at PG, we're predicting that cars will do more than just parallel park themselves. Artificial Intelligence beyond what the term means today.
Social Media Curator: Yes, my job will still exist. No, it is not just a bubble! Haha. :-) 

If you want to be a Power Ranger or  Sponge Bob when you grow up, comment below. Cheers! 

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