Friday, March 2, 2012

Comfort Zones Make Creatives...ahem...Uncomfortable.

“Well done!” says the Account Executive, proud to have delivered on time. “Right…” answers the graphic designer thinking he did it well, but had he been given enough time, it would have made the difference between “good” and “awesomeness.”

I heard or read somewhere that every creative needs something to rebel against, and in this case, the rebellion usually happens between the creatives and the accounts people.  Accounts wants to keep things on track: "We don’t change a formula that works!" The Creative reiterates: "I want to re-inivent the wheel."

And there it goes…the eternal incompatibility of character, lol.

To our beloved Account Managers and Executives here at PG, and all around...know that it is in the creatives’ nature to want to change things. DNA oblige, they can't play by the rules for the obvious reasons that rules are made to broken…but not “broken”in the delinquent sense of the word… but more like, breaking new grounds or breaking the top speed, or simply break dancing to Bach 9th Symphony because it feels good! Comfort zones make creatives uncomfortable.  

PG over, and out.

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