Monday, January 17, 2011

The Resolution Conundrum

So, today we start the third week of 2011. To think that just three weeks ago, (don’t pretend like you didn't do this too) I was listing the countless things I wanted to accomplish, or do better, next year. The to-do-list, and in my case, the not-to-do-list. Don't worry, I am not going to share my resolutions with you here, but rather attempt in this post to explain the whole...hmm hmm...Resolution Conundrum.

We all know Good Resolutions help carve a direction putting the rudder in the right place. Technically it is believed that a Good Resolution first fires up in the thought, and if you are serious and tenacious about it, that thought takes form with action. Then, when that action is repeated insistently enough, it becomes a habit (a good one hopefully.)

Every day comes with new changes, and if there’s a label out there that creative people are nuts... well, you can blame it on the fact that for us creatives, change is the only constant. Our minds are formatted to accommodate, even embrace, and welcome change. We are right-brained people, and it is in there, in the right brain that the creative magic happens. Where fantasy has no limits and only where new ideas and innovations can take life. So to all of you creative souls out there, to all of our counterparts across the globe, the year is still young! Take a pen and a notepad and write them down! Remember though only a Good Resolution APPLIED can bring about change, and it is the sum of our habits that ultimately shape our character.

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