Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Football is Therapy

Hello world! You know what’s more important than your dog, football! Seriously! It brings a mountain of Haitians to cheer their favourite team and bring about world peace! Okay, probably not world peace but football is a part of Haitian life as much as rice&beans. Here in Haiti, we take football seriously. Game schedules spread across town faster than you can say goal! Wherever there’s a TV, you’ll find eyes glued to it, moving together with the ball and don’t be surprised if you hear someone shouting “monte volum la!” (Turn up the volume!), from the head peeping over the garden wall to watch the match on your tiny TV. Though, even if you can’t see the game, you’ll still hear it on radios. An entire business is even based on football. Big bets are made whenever there is a match. Restos with TVs are packed. And don’t even get me started with Team Brazil and Team Argentina, oh, people go bonkers for those teams!
It is like a religion; people gather together as one, raise their hands, cheer and shout. Gooooooal!

This is why we need to ask FIFA to dedicate the 2010 World Cup to Haiti. Avid fans need to cheer their favourite team!

Football is Therapy.

(edited: 29 March 2010, 15:41 )

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